Code of Conduct & Compliance

The Stellantis Code of Conduct

At the launch of Stellantis in January 2021, we reviewed the standards by which we would act and hold each other accountable and defined our Company purpose: “Powered by our diversity, we lead the way the world moves”. This led to the definition of our four core values which are also central to our Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan: “We Are Customer Centric, We Win Together, We Are Agile & Innovative, We Care for the Future”.

These core values underpin the Stellantis Code of Conduct, which is integral to our approach and our decision-making processes and provides guidance on what is expected of all employees and other stakeholders. The Code reflects our commitment to a culture of integrity, responsibility, and ethical behavior in all areas of our business and along the entire value chain, and in compliance with the applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

Integrity is a driver of our competitiveness and sustainable growth. It is also the pillar upon which we build and maintain our reputation as a Company which our customers, workforce and other stakeholders can trust and rely upon.

The Code of Conduct was approved by the Stellantis N.V. Board of Directors in March 2021 and amended in February 2024. It applies to the members of the Board itself, as well as to all Stellantis officers and senior management, full- and part-time employees, and temporary and contract workers. The Company also expects other stakeholders, including suppliers, dealers, distributors, and joint venture partners, to always act with integrity and in accordance with the Stellantis Code of Conduct.

Principal Aspects of the Stellantis Code of Conduct

Image of Carlos Tavares, Chief Executive Officer and John Elkann, Chairman Image of Carlos Tavares, Chief Executive Officer and John Elkann, Chairman

“Our Code of Conduct along with the transparency and accountability of our employees earn the trust of all our stakeholders.”

Carlos Tavares, Chief Executive Officer and John Elkann, Chairman


Stellantis Policies and Guidelines

The following Stellantis Policies and Guidelines supplement the Code of Conduct by providing additional detail and guidance on application in daily practice. They are tailored to the activities of the Company, and emphasize integrity, transparency, and compliance with applicable legal or regulatory frameworks.

Ethics and Compliance Governance

Ethics and Compliance governance ensures a consistent culture of integrity across the organization worldwide.

  • The Ethics and Compliance Committee oversees all aspects of the Ethics and Compliance Program
  • The Chief Audit and Compliance Officer is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the effectiveness of our internal audit and compliance functions
  • Compliance leads are assigned for each region and ethics and compliance topic 
  • A network of Compliance Champions covers all Stellantis Regions, Brands and Global Functions. The Compliance Champions are the first point of contact for employees on compliance issues

Communication and Training

Compliance communication and training aim at ensuring a uniform culture of integrity and they play a key role in embedding compliance in all areas of Stellantis’ activities.

Through various internal communication activities, employees worldwide are regularly updated on new aspects relevant to the Company overall and to their specific area of activity or jurisdiction.

Training courses on ethics and compliance are also offered regularly in all countries where Stellantis operates.

How to Report a Violation of the Code of Conduct

All Stellantis stakeholders are important to us and, by ensuring open channels of communication, we can promote a positive and productive environment.

The “Stellantis Integrity Helpline” is a comprehensive and confidential tool to assist our stakeholders in reporting concerns or seeking guidance regarding our Code of Conduct or other corporate policies.

Stellantis Integrity Helpline logo Stellantis Integrity Helpline logo

The Helpline allows employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders to:

  • report any concerns about situations inconsistent with our Code of Conduct
  • report any concerns regarding vehicle safety, emissions or regulatory compliance
  • disclose conflicts of interest
  • declare any gifts that are an exception to the Gift Giving and Receiving Procedure
  • ask questions about the Code of Conduct

It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is managed by an independent provider, ensuring the highest level of confidentiality.

Reports may be anonymous, where permitted by law. At Stellantis, we do not tolerate retaliation against any individual who makes a report in good faith or who cooperates with an investigation.

Concerns are handled in accordance with the Stellantis Integrity Helpline - Whistleblowing Policy, applicable to all Stellantis companies and applied in accordance with local regulations.

The Integrity Helpline is available in 21 languages at the link below