Boosting Value Creation and Unleashing the Power of our Company

“This plan focuses on how Stellantis will thrive through the decade....and paves the way for our ambition to be second to none in value creation for ALL stakeholders.”

CEO, Carlos Tavares

The Value pillar is composed of three main drivers: digitalization, entrepreneurial spirit and regional roots.



We are embracing the digital revolution and continuing to redefine and expand our e-commerce capabilities to strengthen the direct relationship with our customers and offer them a seamless journey built around personalization, flexibility and 24/7 access.

Our objectives in this area include reaching one-third of global sales online in 2030 and launching a global digital marketplace encompassing the entire Stellantis galaxy of products and services.


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Our second key ambition in the Value pillar is to expand value creation outside the pure sale of vehicles. We will do this by unleashing the huge potential and entrepreneurial spirit of seven accretive business units.

These businesses will be given more autonomy enabling them to be more flexible and focused on the specific needs of their customers.

Some of these already exist and are focusing on up-scaling and expanding their reach, while others are completely new or reshaped business entities. 



  • Mobility
  • Financial Services
  • Pre-Owned Cars
  • Aftermarket


  • Circular Economy
  • Data business
  • Commercial Vehicles
Accretive Business Accretive business

The Circular Economy Business Unit, for example, is expanding its rigorous, 360-degree approach based on the 4R strategy – reman, repair, reuse, and recycle –  and has a fundamental role in supporting our aggressive decarbonization target.

Our tech native mobility company, Free2move, has a complete and unique ecosystem of services that put the customer experience at the heart of the business. This profitable global mobility player is now scaling up with plans to expand its worldwide presence to 15 million active users by 2030.

The Commercial Vehicles business entity will be completely reshaped and entirely dedicated to our professional customers and their needs. Leveraging our powerful commercial vehicle product portfolio, our goal is to become the undisputed global leader in terms of market share and profitability driven by the breadth and quality of our products and services.


Regional Roots

Our strength as a global organization is built on the value we create at the local level in each of our regions. We have ambitious targets to continue that value creation in each region. As we continue to grow in North America and Enlarged Europe, our primary profit engines, we also have plans to reach more than 25% of revenues from outside those two regions.