image of Stellantis and the Circular Economy image of Stellantis and the Circular Economy

Stellantis and the Circular Economy

October 11, 2022 - Stellantis has announced a comprehensive plan for its Circular Economy Business Unit to achieve more than €2 billion in revenues by 2030 and drive the Company’s aggressive decarbonization target of reaching carbon net zero by 2038.

As one of the seven accretive business units announced in the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, the Circular Economy Business Unit is expanding its rigorous, 360-degree approach based on the 4R strategy – reman, repair, reuse, and recycle – to meet the Company’s ethical responsibilities for the future, and to bring financial value to Stellantis.

Fostering Our Circular Economy Ambitions

An introduction from Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO
An overview from Alison Jones, SVP, Global Circular Economy at Stellantis
Image of SUSTAINera Logo Image of SUSTAINera Logo

The Circular Economy Business Unit is also launching its new SUSTAINera label for parts and accessories, which indicates a savings of up to 80% materials and 50% energy as compared to their equivalent new parts.

The SUSTAINera label represents our promise to provide sustainable, transparent and affordable products and services to customers of all our vehicle brands, without compromising quality, while preserving the environment through decreased waste and less use of our planet’s resources.