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Skilling Up!

October 12, 2023

The transformation to electrification and related new technologies is accelerating, resulting in the industry’s urgent need for new skills. At this critical moment, Stellantis is working to plug the expertise gaps and enabling its employees to fully contribute to the exciting future of the Company.

The Battery Training Center in Douvrin, France, demonstrates how we support our existing talent. Located near the ACC Billy-Berclau gigafactory, the center trains employees making a career transition and new hires with no previous experience for roles in battery cell production.

This is a big milestone that will be replicated. We, in fact, have two other ACC gigafactories planned: one in Germany and one in Italy, aiming to support employability and build up a full European battery ecosystem. In Douvrin, up to 40 trainees per session participate in a 400-hour course to acquire the new skills required in battery production. By 2025, at least 600 employees from the training center will join the Billy-Berclau gigafactory.

One of the colleagues who jumped at the opportunity was Jérémy Sarrazin. For more than 20 years, Jeremy’s focus was on building internal combustion engines at Française de Mecanique in Douvrin. Now he is firmly focused on the future as one of the first 40 Stellantis employees trained at the nearby Battery Training Center before joining ACC’s EV battery manufacturing facility.

“We’ve reached a new stage, a new evolution in the automotive industry. For me, this training is a logical continuation of my career,” says Jeremy.

Some of our employees share their enthusiasm about this new opportunity.

Our Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan states it clearly: We are “One Company” where no one is left behind. We actively anticipate the transformations in our industry and promote the professional growth of our employees through initiatives to develop the skills of tomorrow and support them in enhancing their employability at every stage of their careers.

“We believe that the best way to support people professionally is to train them for the new reality in our industry,” said Xavier Chéreau, Chief Human Resources & Transformation Officer for Stellantis. “That’s why we are placing significant emphasis on upskilling and reskilling programs.”

The ability to develop internal know-how in key areas such as electrificationsoftware and data management is crucial for the future of our business. As a continuous learning Company, Stellantis established two other dedicated academies that increase our global workforce’s opportunity to learn new skills:

  • The Data and Software Academy was launched in 2022 to upskill and reskill over 1,000 Stellantis employees per year in software professions.
  • The Electrification Academy delivers global e-learning programs around electrification and e-Mobility, with 56,700 employees trained in 2022 through e-learning modules.

In this world of rapid change, our employees are the driving force behind Stellantis’ growth. As we’re transforming into a sustainable mobility tech company, we are focused on ensuring that our talented workforce is fully equipped with the skills needed to lead the way the world moves.