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Stronger Together

July 4, 2023

What makes a company a great place to work? Is it the paycheck? The work hours? Job security and stability? It’s all of that. And one more thing too. A great company is one where you feel seen and valued, where everyone has the opportunity to grow. A company that offers you the chance to be part of a broader community and build the sustainable mobility of the future.

As a highly diverse, global organization, each of Stellantis’ six operating regions is focused on ensuring a sustainable, performance-led way of working designed to improve the wellbeing of employees and, by extension, the success of the Company as a whole.

Our South America region sets a prime example. A caring workplace that creates the right environment for talented people to thrive and achieve great results. Equal opportunities, innovative solutions and record commercial results. This region checks all the boxes.

“The South American team is a winning one,” said Antonio Filosa, Chief Operating Officer for Stellantis South America. “We’re hungry and curious about the future. We know exactly where we’re going and how we will get there thanks to our Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan. To keep leading, we need to empower our people to learn, connect and make a difference. That’s why we’ve built a truly inclusive culture that unlocks the full creative capability of our workforce.”

Optimistic. Hopeful. Forward-looking. In Brazil, Stellantis’s “Jovens Talentos da Engenharia”, or Young Engineering Talent, is a program that leverages the country’s competitive advantage in this area as part of an effective Diversity and Inclusion strategy which supports our behavioral, process and cultural transformation. In 2022, the program was 100% focused on hiring female professionals: more than 2,000 candidates enrolled in the program. Out of that number, a total of 20 were hired, increasing the level of female representation.

This is how Stellantis responds to its people’s expectations. Through a way of working that resonates with our purpose and values and acknowledges the importance of a bottom-up dynamic approach. Because we all feel part of something larger than any one of us. And this is the force that connects us.

Take our facilities in Córdoba and El Palomar, in Argentina. They are not only where we produce best-selling cars like the Fiat Cronos and the Peugeot 208 but also key hubs for socializing and building human connections. 

Together we are stronger. Our Argentinian facilities prove it. It’s our people’s grit and passion, their desire to beat the odds that provide the extra push that takes us further. And it’s this sense of community that inspires people to grow professionally and succeed in the face of great challenges.

We all want to feel like the work we do matters. At Stellantis, we aim to provide our people solid ground for the future while leading the way the world moves. And that’s what we believe makes us a great company to work for.