Stellantis Takes Top Spot in French Patent Filings

Stellantis INPI
  • National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI) published its ranking for the year 2020

  • Company submitted 1,239 patent publications in 2020

  • This is the second year in the top spot 

Amsterdam - Stellantis confirmed its place as the top French patent applicant with 1,239 patents published in France in 2020, according to the ranking list announced by National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI).

Our technological research aims to provide our customers with safe, affordable and sustainable mobility solutions. Our patented inventions are a key factor in ensuring this success and provide us with a strategic competitive advantage. The protection of our technologies gives value creation and a significant part of the Group's intangible capital.

For over 200 years, innovation and its protection have been part of the Group’s DNA. All our Research and Development teams - from Style to Production - are mobilized through a specific and effective process to identify and protect their creations. This dynamic process continues throughout Stellantis Engineering worldwide.

Our technological axes, protected by these intellectual property rights, have as a priority the major challenges of tomorrow's mobility:

- They include the development of new powertrains that meet our customers' expectations for energy transition and sustainable and responsible mobility (full electric, hybridization, hydrogen): engines, transmissions, batteries, fuel cells and their control strategies.

- The accompanying of social developments also leads to the development of digital, connectivity, and new uses (shared vehicles, services): infotainment, connectivity/applications Car-to-X, remote diagnosis, on-board software update, advanced “E-call” features, human-machine interfaces/digital cockpit. 

- The deployment of ever more advanced driving assistances to make our vehicles ever safer is at the heart of our actions.

- Finally, the health crisis has led to the emergence of online vehicles sales and new mobility offers.

Nicolas MOREL, Stellantis Executive Vice President, Enlarged Europe Engineering, reiterated: “This remarkable achievement confirms the technical excellence of Stellantis women and men, who are committed to meeting the challenges of mobility for all, connected, safe and decarbonized, which help position Stellantis as a key player in innovation in its industry”


About Stellantis

Stellantis is one of the world’s leading automakers and a mobility provider, guided by a clear vision: to offer freedom of movement with distinctive, affordable and reliable mobility solutions.  In addition to the Group’s rich heritage and broad geographic presence, its greatest strengths lie in its sustainable performance, depth of experience and the wide-ranging talents of employees working around the globe. Stellantis will leverage its broad and iconic brand portfolio, which was founded by visionaries who infused the marques with passion and a competitive spirit that speaks to employees and customers alike. Stellantis aspires to become the greatest, not the biggest while creating added value for all stakeholders as well as the communities in which it operates.