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March 31, 2021 - Technology Update

Zero emission mobility for people and goods

Our mission at Stellantis is to provide freedom of mobility with safe, affordable and sustainable solutions.

Stellantis Engineering intends to hold a leading role in the fields which will determine the transformation of the automotive markets: 

  • race for electrification and autonomy
  • connectivity and AI for smarter services and autonomous driving functions
  • global life cycle assessment (among which carbon neutrality)

Today, we have a significant number of electrified vehicles available in the market and we are committed to bringing 10 additional models to our customers this year.

As we look further into the future, hydrogen fuel cells show - especially for LCV - great promise as the next level of zero emission propulsion technology as they will fulfill customer range expectations combined with towing and payload capacity. 

At Stellantis, we believe that LCV Zero emission offers shall meet all customer demands and user-profiles, to ensure sustainable delivery activities in line with environmental stakes.

Harald Wester, Chief Engineering Officer

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Zero Emission Technology Video