How to report a violation of the Code of Conduct

The FCA Ethics Helpline allows employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to: 

      a. report potential violations of law, regulation, the FCA Code of Conduct, or FCA Policies; 

      b. express any concern regarding any aspect of vehicle safety, emissions and regulatory issues; 

      c. ask questions or seek advice regarding the interpretation of law, regulation, the FCA Code of Conduct, or FCA Policies; 

      d. disclose actual or potential conflicts of interest via the section "Conflict of Interest Disclosure".

The Ethics Helpline is hosted by an independent supplier and is available 24/7.

Concerns are handled in accordance with the FCA Ethics Helpline Procedure, applicable to all FCA Group companies and managed pursuant to local regulations.

To activate the verification and investigation process of the reported concerns, the allegation must be substantiated, i.e. it must provide objective information useful in identifying the incident, the company and the individuals involved.

In addition to the Ethics Helpline, which is considered the preferred reporting channel, it is also possible to report conduct which is potentially contrary to the principles outlined in the FCA Code of Conduct by utilizing the addresses listed in the Worldwide Ethics and Compliance Contact List.