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A Bold Strategic Plan

Powered by our purpose to lead the way the world moves, we are pushing the limits, expanding our vision, and embracing a new mindset. Everyone at Stellantis is focused on providing cutting-edge freedom of mobility for all.

With our global diversity, a unique portfolio of iconic brands and proven operational excellence at the core of our strong foundation, we have crafted a bold strategic plan that paves the way for Stellantis to achieve carbon net zero by 2038. As we work toward delivering on this objective – a benchmark for our industry – we are also intent on being ‘second to none’ in value creation for all stakeholders.

Presented in March 2022, Dare Forward 2030 is a holistic plan built upon three fundamental pillars that will lead us to achievement of our financial ambition of doubling our Net Revenues by 2030 (versus 2021) and sustaining double-digit Adjusted Operating Income margins throughout the decade.

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Progressing Toward Our Dare Forward 2030 Targets

Three Fundamental Pillars Grounded in a Strong Foundation

Care, Tech and Value are the three pillars of the Dare Forward 2030 plan. These pillars are grounded in a more than century-long Foundation with everyone in the Stellantis community – spanning 170 nationalities across all regions of the world – contributing their unique experience and perspectives.

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Our diversity, operational excellence, house of iconic brands, and product portfolio are the ‘second to none’ differentiators propelling Stellantis forward.

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Ethical responsibility is at the core of our organization and serves to ensure a sustainable future of mobility for our customers, our employees, and our planet.

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Our ambition is to embrace breakthrough ideas that will reinforce our leadership in offering innovative, clean, safe and affordable mobility.

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Our ambition is to be ‘second to none’ in value creation for all stakeholders, while unleashing our entrepreneurial mindset.

Carbon Net Zero by 2038


  • -50% Carbon Footprint (tons of CO2 equivalent per vehicle vs 2021)
  • #1 Customer Satisfaction


  • Battery Electric Vehicles 100% mix in EU (passenger cars) 50% mix in U.S. (passenger cars and light-duty trucks)(Assuming conducive public policies)
  • Digital Revolution Software/Artificial Intelligence Autonomous Driving


  • 7 accretive businesses with their own P&L
  • >25% revenues outside growing Enlarged Europe & North America

Net Revenues to double to €300B by 2030 Sustainable double-digit Adjusted Operating Income margins through plan period


Our Dare Forward

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