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Powered By Our Diversity, We Lead The Way The World Moves

As stated in our purpose, it is the energy, passion and diversity of our people and brands that power us to do great things, exceeding expectations and setting the highest standards for our future.

Our purpose and our values go beyond the words themselves. Each of our four values carries equal importance, complementing and drawing strength from the others to take us forward towards our purpose.

customer centric

Our Values

Siamo orientati al cliente Vinciamo insieme
We Are Customer Centric
The customer is at the center of everything we do
Vinciamo insieme Vinciamo insieme
We Win Together
Powerful energy comes from winning together and harnessing the diversity that is one of our core strengths
Siamo agili e innovativi Siamo agili e innovativi
We Are Agile & Innovative
Agility and innovation that constantly move the limits of the possible
Abbiamo a cuore il futuro Abbiamo a cuore il futuro
We Care For The Future
A collective pledge to make a positive difference not only for our Company, but for all our people, our communities and our planet

“Building Stellantis while making a positive contribution to our society is a truly shared endeavour. And this togetherness is one of the great competitive strengths inherited from our founding companies.” 

John Elkann, Chairman

“These are not just our values for today, they are the values that will guide us every day as we pioneer the ideas that will change the way we think about mobility.”

Carlos Tavares, CEO