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CSR Disclosures

Stellantis is committed to the transparent disclosure of information and data related to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, which highlight its performance and achievements in contributing to positive outcomes for stakeholders. The Stellantis CSR Report outlines our detailed sustainability roadmap, including the commitment to reach industry-leading carbon net zero emissions by 2038.

The 2023 report presents the Stellantis CSR policy, forward looking targets and initiatives. The report shows how Stellantis addresses core societal issues, such as diversity, inclusivity and climate change, through a sustainable business model that creates shared and long-lasting value for all its stakeholders.

The report was subject to independent audits as a further guarantee of reliability and transparency, which are essential in maintaining a relationship of confidence with our stakeholders.

The CSR report includes the Stellantis climate report, a major section dedicated to human rights, as well as a focus on diversity and inclusion in line with the Company’s corporate purpose. The SASB Transportation Standard Index is also available below.