A New Group, a New Era of Sustainable Mobility

The creation of Stellantis marks a new chapter powered by the combination of two automakers each contributing a rich heritage, iconic brands and track records of performance driven by competitive spirit. One of the greatest strengths of this new company is the diversity and talent of its 300,000 people around the world and the shared values that will drive us in this new journey.

Stellantis, a new era of sustainable mobility

Our spirit defines us. We know that long-term success is achieved by linking economic growth with respect, financial performance with social responsibility, and industrial development with environmental stewardship. As a leading company, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and embed it into business practices. We are committed to shaping a better future through a strong sense of responsibility and leadership in a new era of sustainable mobility. We engage with our stakeholders through dialogue aiming to create and share value with them: our employees, our customers, our partners, our suppliers, our host territories and their communities, our investors and the environment.

The Stellantis governance model reflects our commitment to a culture dedicated to integrity, responsibility and ethical behavior in all areas of our activity and along the entire value chain.

For our customers, with more than a century of innovation behind us, we are committed to shaping the mobility of the future based on solutions with strong environmental performance, safety, and connectivity, while delivering products and services that our customers are proud to choose and drive and that exceed their expectations for a great customer experience.

Sustainability Overview

At Stellantis, we are committed to contributing to a decarbonized economy by engaging our talents and assets on our road to carbon neutrality across our products, plants and other facilities. We offer our customers freedom of movement through sustainable mobility solutions that leverage on our leadership in clean and advanced technologies and support us in fighting climate change. As of Day One, Stellantis has 29 electrified models available to consumers.

With our suppliers, we work in partnership to implement responsible procurement practices, to ensure sustainable progress throughout the entire supply chain, with specific emphasis on respect for human rights, wise use of natural resources and reduced environmental impacts, while contributing to development of local activities in new territories.

For our host communities, we support philanthropic programs addressing the challenges they face today and helping them in preparing for the future.

Diversity and inclusion are an intrinsic part of our Company’s fabric. We offer our employees opportunities to improve their work-life balance with the development of remote work, where possible, and in an inclusive work environment, where everyone feels respected and valued. Every day, our people around the world bring their different cultures and unique talents and strengths to their work. We value their leadership and collaborative spirit, and their determination to consistently achieve best-in-class performance.

Together, we aspire to become the greatest rather than the biggest. 

We take the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for our actions in the transition to a more sustainable future.